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Be careful how you talk to people.  You never know what they are capable of, especially telemarketers, who obviously have your telephone number, but usually know where you live.

Bob and Bea Jensen have lived many happy years as husband and wife.  Bob is retiring soon and he couple plan to travel the country in an RV.  Bob is a very protective and Exacting man who will do anything to protect "Honeybee", his pet name for his happy-go-lucky wife.  She is the love of his life, and he is hers.

Bob has advance stage pancreatic cancer, and being a strong-willed man, decides not to worry his Honeybee about it and carries on.  Then Bob suddenly dies and leave Bea without a clue as Bob has been her whole life.

Bea then visits a psychiatrist who suggests she get a part-time job so she can meet others and make friends.  She gets a telemarketing job and starts to make friends with coworkers. Then after losing her job due to low productivity, she plunges into despair again.

Bob returns from the grave to visit her (or does he?) He presents a list of all the people that treated rudely while she was doing her job.  The two get to travel the country after exact revenge!

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