About Us

The Troupe of Lost Souls Entertainment specializes in dark themed amusement.

Events from live interactive performances and experiences to photos and video production;

or short and feature length films to live theatre and haunt presentations.

No idea too crazy for us, we can help make your nightmare a reality.

We are here to make you smile and scream... 

Welcome to the dark side!

Meet the Team

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Rick L Baker  -  CEO
Rick L Baker - CEO

Chief Executive Officer Rick Baker started in the haunt industry in 1987 as a volunteer actor raising money for the Nebraska Special Olympics. Soon he started experimenting with makeup, which became his passion. His love for makeup and the haunt industry lead him to teaching acting and makeup workshops. Rick moved to LA where he went to makeup artistry school. He has assisted, managed, and directed many haunt events and founded Troupe of Lost Souls in 2011 specializing in dark entertainment.

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Blanca Baker  -  CFO
Blanca Baker - CFO

Chief Financial Officer Blanca Biller started performing in haunts in 1995. She and her sons volunteered for Riverside County Parks Haunted Nature Trail. She was introduced to Troupe of Lost Souls by volunteering in one of their events. Blanca has also learned to do make up from Rick L Baker and other makeup artists. Blanca brought her management and administration skills, helping to create various agreements to ensure legal compliance with events. She’s also in charge of financial dealings.

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Due to Covid-19 concerns, all our live shows have been cancelled  for 2019.  We have have created some entertainment on our Troupe of Lost Souls YouTube channel